Gear Up! Dr. K’s Honey Thyme Cough Syrup

Lately, I have been feeling like I need a little immunity boost. The season has also been bringing out the best of my allergies! I love to make this at home to keep on hand and find it healing in some many ways. Enjoy!

Make this at home as a natural cough suppressant, on par with over the counter products like Robitussin.  Add some oregano for a natural antiseptic.  Any honey will work for cough suppression; for an additional antiseptic boost, I prefer Manuka honey.  For treatment of seasonal allergies, try to use a local raw honey.


¼ c dried thyme leaves, or 4-5 stems of fresh thyme leaves

2 T dried oregano, 3 drops oregano essential oil, or 1-2 stems fresh oregano

½ C honey

2 T lemon juice


Pour 1 C boiling water over the leaves/stems and let it brew as a strong tea for 10 minutes.  Strain out herbs.  Add honey and lemon. 

Keep in the refrigerator.  Take 1 T by mouth as needed.  This is very safe and cannot be overdosed.  Do not give honey to infants under 1 year of age.


Thyme, a culinary herb with medicinal properties, contains thymol, a powerful antiseptic, and is approved for the treatment of cough and upper respiratory infection in the German pharmacopeia.It is a Mediterranean herb and grows well in such a climate, with fairly dry soil and full sun.It will be amenable to growing in a container, even in a windowsill.This is a must-have herb in your garden.

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