Here to help you cool off - ELDERBERRY HIBISCUS COOLER!

This weather sure has been heating up lately…summer must be here!

And what reminds me most of summer is good old lemonade - but of course, with a little twist!

My ELDERBERRY HIBISCUS COOLER is always a winner! Not only is it refreshing to sip, but it has great health benefits as well. 

Packed with sweet elderberry and antioxidant-rich hibiscus in a honey lemon base, this drink makes for the perfect way to cool off.


Cold and flu-fighting sweet elderberry and antioxidant-rich tart hibiscus in a honey lemon base?  This is always a winner for a party.  

1 C honey simple syrup

1/3 C dried elderberries

6-8 dried hibiscus flowers

1 C lemon juice 

5 C water 

Honey Simple Syrup:

1 C honey

1 C water 

Bring the cup of water to a boil.  Add honey until dissolved to make a simple syrup.  

Prepare the honey simple syrup, as per above.  Add the lemon juice, water, elderberries, and hibiscus.  Let the herbs steep at least two hours; it will turn the drink a beautiful rich pink color (antioxidants at work!). Serve chilled.  

Enjoy friends!

Anne KennardComment