Titz&Bitz Herbal Postpartum Salve

Titz&Bitz Herbal Postpartum Salve


All natural Herbal salve for soothing sore nipples and healing bottoms after delivery. Apply to the perineum and vulva for pain relief, improved healing, and infection prevention after delivery. Also may be applied to cracked and sore nipples after initiation of breastfeeding.

Formulated by an herbalist and OBGYN physician, Calendula, olive oil, and sunflower oil soothe skin, along with all natural beeswax and raw shea butter. Comfrey and yarrow are powerful plant allies in wound healing and pain relief. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of this salve provide long-lasting relief and improved recovery, without artificial ingredients or toxic skin irritants.

Disclaimer: this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult a physician.

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